Monitoring transactions real-time with business rules created by Business Users in a secure web-based environment is easy with the Central Transaction Monitoring System (CTMS).

Central Transaction Monitoring System (CTMS)

"A penny saved is a penny earned" - Benjamin Franklin

CTMS - Central Transaction Monitoring System - is a real time, rules-driven, web based financial transaction monitoring system that integrates with core banking applications unobtrusively. With CTMS, transactions are monitored to ensure they comply with business rules, banking operations policies and policies from regulatory bodies. Exceptional transactions are routed to control/call centres where they are managed (reviewed, resolved or declined) by compliance/customer service officers using CTMS case management/workflow software tool.

At the core of CTMS is FICO's Blaze Advisor, a best in its class Business Rules Management System, which enables authoring and deployment of rules by Business Users realtime into CTMS.


Here are some of the features offered by the Central Transaction Monitoriing System:

  • Rule based transaction monitoring
  • Separation of rule authoring from rules deployment
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Case Management and transaction review workflow
  • Control/Call center activity monitoring and control
  • Real time global activity dashboard
  • Robust Reporting
  • Support for distributed architecture
  • Robust Security


Central Control of Business Rules

Bank wide transactions can be made compliant to business decisions made realtime at the click of a button.

Seamless Integration
There is no need to change any of the existing infrastructure as the System simply hooks into the legacy system unobtrusively.