jCrest IFMIS Suites

Integrative approach to Public Financial Management

jCrest IFMIS Suites enables prompt and efficient access to reliable financial data and help strengthen government financial controls, improving the provision of government services, raising the budget process to higher levels of transparency and accountability, and expediting government operations. It automates all public financial management (PFM) processes, from budget preparation and execution to accounting and reporting. It has two editions:

  • jCrest IFMIS Suites
  • jCrest 4HE IFMIS Suites

Other Modules

  • Budget Administration:
  • Payroll/ Human Resources
  • Grants Management
  • Student Account*(jCrest 4HE only)
  • Student Account*(jCrest 4HE only)



  • Provide timely, accurate, and consistent data for management and budget decision-making
  • Integrate budget and budget execution data, allowing greater financial control and reducing opportunities for discretion in the use of public funds
  • STORES, organizes and makes access to financial information easy Details of outflow and inflow of funds
  • Facilitate financial statement preparation; and provide a complete audit trail to facilitate audits
Efficient Transaction Processing

Single point of data entry, storage of data at lowest level, sharing of data, internal control, integrity and security, online/real time processing.

Workflow enabled

enables execution of steps required to complete a business process, each step in the business process is defined explicitly and executed by the workflow engine providing a cleaner, reusable, and maintainable implementation.